Monsoon in November Heat in December

To quote William Henry Davies, “What is this life full of care if, we have no time to stand and stare”, has been aptly worded to illuminate the robotic existence that has befallen man. I can vouch that cent percent for myself at least. The Welsh poet also illustrates the simple bounties of nature in the most extraordinary way exciting the literary geek to experience them all over again. Why am I all of a sudden in the middle of the night with an exam round the corner eulogizing a poem? my immortal love for nature.

I remember reading this poem in the 4th grade and at that point of time in my life when I was a bonehead, did not much appreciate the poem, castigating it as another intellectual poison inflicted on us poor souls. Davies is known for his simple yet deep work which has an earthy connotation to it. My favourite line is “no time to see the woods we pass”, because unfortunately with the kind of corporatised life that I have, I hardly have time to ‘check out’ (to articulate it in the local lingo), the wondrous lush greenery that breathes in the vicinity of my current residence.

Often it has happened that while taking my customary solitary walks I have been immersed in the difficulties that lie ahead in my ‘paradoxical’, ‘not-so-legal’ life to such a great extent that I even forget to hum along to the tune of the songs playing on my MP3. Im not criticising anybody’s routine oriented life but instead verbalising the pity of me being a nature lover and not being able to do anything at the time when it needs me the most.

Especially to look at it from a technical point of view I am a student of law, so I have the widest infinitude to exercise my ‘legal’ and ‘analytical’ skills to save my darling from the perils of nirvana. Unfortunately, most of my time goes in cursing why the Almighty put me into a particular situation (my fatalistic self comes to the rescue in such cases) which I disapprove of. Anyways coming back to the point, I think its time for me and even you to do something for Mother Nature. I’m not trying to rouse a rally here, even a teeny weeny bit of contribution in the healing of my first love (it’s even before Mr Darcy) would suffice.

Nature has its own sui generis way of healing the soul. I call it ‘my zeal’ as its always been there when Im holding a warm mug of coffee and looking outside my wiry window pouring over my thoughts or when I’m standing in the balcony staring at the twinkling sky wondering where life will take me or even when I feel anti-hakuna matata and I need to take a walk; it’s always there by my side animate or inanimate. Since its been my constant companion in times of sorrow, anxiety and happiness I want to make optimum utilization of the miniscule intelligence that I have, in being able to resuscitate my friend.

Everyone is aware of the lamentable state the environment is in, I need not quote any tiring statistics. Like any other friend I don’t want nature to languish into an irreversible state where I can no longer enjoy its companionship in a breezy walk along a narrow lane. I want it to be alive and kicking as never before so that all of us can enjoy the magic of its infinitude.

To conclude my midnight literary venture, let us all come forward and do our bit for the environment not because it’s important or sounds intelligent but because it’s a friend whom we are talking about here and you always, no matter what, help your friends in times of need. Don’t you want a clean future for yourself and your not-yet-born kids? Since working for the environment starts in your own backyard, let’s try to make our place of residence clean and pollution free. I am very much aware of how most of us are cynical and dissatisfied with the present circumstances, but please let’s not take out our anger on poor Nature.

Oh and in case the above lines made you ‘sob’ then please obey the following, even if it didn’t (you viscous goon!)  just read it for the sake of criticism:

  1. Switch off electricity when not in use (It’s just a matter of moving a finger, trust me it’s almost like texting!).
  2. Switch off the geyser. (A sprinkle of cold water will not paralyse you).
  3. Throw garbage which includes smoke-stubs in the dustbin (Don’t blame the dogs, as Lord Krishna has said do your duty leave the rest to the Admin). It’s seriously a disgusting sight to behold; the campus splattered with ‘kachra’.
  4. Try reusing the polythene collection u possess, instead of getting a new one. Crumble it up and it will not take much space in your back-packs. (If 400 students stop using fresh polythene bags we can do wonders for the planet)
  5. Please do not toy around with the empty plastic crockery, once you’re done with satisfying your taste buds.
  6. If you see a pile of rubbish anywhere, please report it immediately to the Admin. (Lawyers make things happen!)

Remember, in Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, only consequences!

Author: arpitaseth

As Alan Watts rightly pointed out-"trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth". Lets cut the chase and get down to writing.

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